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Dental Sleep Masters is lead by Dentists, for Dentists. We are not a marketing company. We have all been there.

As a matter of fact, each one of us has been in that same position, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars while getting nothing in return. This group is different. We are not promising you that patients will be delivered to your door or that your name will be on the top of a Google search. We are however teaching and guiding you to do the same exact thing that has resulted in each of our success. You may attend courses that sound great and you are filled with plans of going home and getting this done. When you leave our courses not only will your mind be filled with life changing ideas, we are going to be there to help you implement all of these ideas you've learned.  

We are not interested in taking your money and having you come to a course and leave never to see us again. We are committed to your success. Membership in Dental Sleep Masters is a direct investment in you and your future as a sleep Dentist.

What is Dental Sleep Masters?

Dental Sleep MasterMember Benefits:

This is the only comprehsnsive program in the industry with everything a Dentist needs.  We’ve taken the time and enegy to make this your “One-Stop-Shop”.  Once you finish our introductory online course, you can begin treating basic snoring and sleep apnea cases in your office as a certified Dental Sleep Master.

Dental Sleep Business Starter Kit contains everything you need to start treating patients after certification.

Online Certification Course makes it easy to get started. You can complete it in a couple of hours at your home or office.

Proven Marketing System with all of the support materails you and your staff need so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Members Only Access to discounts and preferred pricing from strategic vendors.

Propritary Medical Billing Software so you can get reimbursed with less hassles and focus on treating your patients.

Hybrid Oral Appliance solutions for your patients which are only available to Certified Dental Sleep Master members. 

Reasonbly Priced Memberships starting at $195/month plus a one-time registration fee of $595 is all you need.

Sleep Test Services that gives you the option to outsource your sleep tests so you don’t have to buy or lease the equipment.

Online Forum Access that never closes, so you have the information you need, anytime you want, right at your fingertips.

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